BPAT Account Quick Start Guide

Important steps to complete before you may submit a backflow test report:
  1. Select the locations where you would like to test assemblies from the Water Supplier Management menu.
  2. Register your test gauges from the My Account > Gauge Management menu. Be sure to email your gauge's test for accuracy to gaugetest@vepollc.com for validation.
  3. Create a list of additional BPATs employed by this company in the My Account > Sub Account Management menu.
  4. Register your license(s) and insurance policy from the My Account > Licenses & Insurance Policies menu. Be sure to have your insurance agent email a copy of your insurance certificate to insurance@vepollc.com for verification.
Video Help Topics

Below is information on the function of each part of the FOG Transporter system. To see Video Tutorials on each of these topics,

click here.

Account Overview

This is the main page viewed everytime you log into your account. The Account Overview is a control panel that keeps you up to date on everything that is going on in your account.

The My Account Menu
Account Contact Information: Edit the contact information for your company.
Gauge Management: Add your test gauges and email the test for accuracy report to gaugetest@vepollc.com for validation.
Sub Account Management: Create sub accounts for any additional testers employed by the company.
Licenses & Insurance Policies: Add licenses for all personnel along with your company's SCR fire license (if any) and insurance policy information.
Payment Receipts: Searchable history of any test reports submitted under this account.
The Backflow Test Management Menu
Search Test History: Searchable list of all test reports in the system.
Submit Backflow Test: Submit a test report for any assembly whether it is a brand new installation or an assembly with previous test report history in the system.
To Submit a Test Report:
  1. Within your account, click on Submit Backflow Test in the Backflow Management menu.
  2. Search for the assembly in the system by either the account number, manufacturer and serial number, or the street address.
  3. If this is an existing assembly with a previous test in the system, it will appear in the list. Click on the “Submit Test for this Assembly” button to the right of the listing.
  4. If the property is in the system but the assembly is not, click on the “Submit Unlisted Assembly for this Property” button.
  5. If the property does not appear in the search results, click on the “Submit a Test for an Assembly with no Previous Test History” button.
  6. You can then enter all of the information about the property, mailing address, assembly information and test results.
The Water Supplier Management Menu

List of water suppliers participating in the backflow assembly management system. You can select any water supplier participating in the program and review the insurance requirements of each participating water supplier.

The Checkout Menu

This page lists all of backflow test reports that have been entered and are awaiting checkout. A test report is not officially entered into the system until the checkout process is complete.


This page provides assistance on getting started and entering test reports. You can access this page at anytime from within your account.